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Are You a Country Musician? Meet Your Target Audience

Large-Scale CMA Study Reveals Demographics
The Country Music Association in Nashville released key findings from its Country Music Consumer Segmentation Study.  CMA invested in the largest and most comprehensive study in the 50-year history of the Association. The compelling findings offer new insights into Country fans.
Approximately 2 in 5 American adults ages 18-54 (39.6 percent) qualify as •Country Music Fans,• as defined by the study.  The "Core Fans• are the smaller segment of Country fans who account for the vast majority of Country Music spending.
The Core Fan is What You"d Expect
Demographically, The Core Country Music user is •a bit• more likely to be Caucasian and from smaller towns.  They skew slightly female, but there is no significant age or income difference from non-Country Music users.
The industry's •bread and butter• is the •Core.•  They are music lovers who drive extensive revenue and they can be divided into two groups: CountryPhiles and MusicPhiles.
CountryPhiles skew slightly female (54 percent) versus the average American adult; they are more likely to be married, Caucasian and from small towns.  They are passionate fans of Country Music.  They appreciate the core values of the format and the artists.  And, their commitment translates to both significant engagement time and industry revenue.
MusicPhiles skew male (55 percent) versus the average American adult, they are younger, more diverse (especially Hispanic) and more urban. They are extremely hip, high tech, engaged music lovers who happen to include Country Music in the mix. They like country, but they don"t love it.
Country Music Spending
Among Country consumers ages 18-54, 65 percent are •CD-dominant• and 35 percent are •Digital-dominant• based on total Country Music acquired.  And once they become •Digital-dominant• Country Music acquirers, they contribute very little CD revenue. The Internet is reshaping the media habits of Country Music users and consumers with Web access.  The key to online engagement is access - for those 71 percent of those who have it, the Internet becomes the central medium.
Overall, 1 in 4 Country Music supporters attended a Country concert in the past year, which translates to 11 percent of the US adult population ages 18-54.  They see it as the •best way• to experience the music.  They believe it deepens the artist/fan relationship.  There is a strong interest in cross-genre concerts with Country and rock.  On the negative side, they felt •ripped off• by the price of merchandise and they were frustrated by unknown or hidden fees that increased the cost of the concert-going experience.
Fans said that they favor country because of the relevance to real life and universal truths; appropriateness for the family; buddies, BBQ, beer, dancing and fun; the outdoors; and its staying power and enduring appeal. Visit to learn more about country music and its fans.

By Rita Henry
Get Music Jobs, Contributing Editor

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